Venus is the hottest planet and is the sister of Earth, even tough besides size they are nothing alike.


Venus is both the hottest in looks and temperature, she makes sure she always looks attractive, and she does always want a moon, she used to have one named Aphrodite who left her due to Venus changing to much for the moon to stay in orbit.





Aphrodite was a moon Venus had around four billion years ago due to a collision with another planet forming this small moon. The moon lived with Venus for ten million years until another object hit Venus, making her rotation go the opposite of other planets, and causing Aphrodite to collide with Venus ultimately killing the moon as the moon became one with Venus again.

2002 VE68

2002 VE68 isn't a moon of Venus, but its a quasi-moon, basically a asteroid orbiting near Venus, possibly Venus tried getting a moon using him and got a quasi-moon instead. 2002 VE68 started orbiting near Venus 7,000 years ago and will change its orbit and stop bring a quasi-moon of Venus in 500 years.


See also: Timeline of Venus

Venus possibly had life three billion years ago, with a ocean and actual clouds to boot. She had life for half a billion years(500 million years) until proximity from Sun killed her life and evaporated her oceans turning her into who she is today.


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Planet Facts

  • Venus is near the same size as Earth, but is only 95% of Earth's size
  • Venus possibly had life at a time
  • Venus is the hottest planet
  • Venus is one of the four planets in the Solar System with no rings
  • Venus is the only planet in the Solar System with no moons besides Mercury
  • A day on Venus is 243 Earth days
  • A year on Venus is 225 Earth days
  • Venus rotates the opposite than any other planet in the Solar System.
  • Venus's atmospheric pressure is 92 times the amount of Earth
  • The collision of Theia and Earth could be caused by Venus and Jupiter's gravity
  • Venus has a lot of volcanic activity
  • Venus has a toxic atmosphere
  • Venus is sometimes considered Earth's Sister



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