Andromeda! I'm trying to sleep!!!!!
— Triangulum, Out in other galaxies

Triangulum is a galaxy 2.723 million light years from Earth.


Triangulum is a galaxy who sleeps most of the day away, and he is woken up by Andromeda a lot, due to this he hates Andromeda, and he is somewhat distorted due to a encounter with Andromeda billions of years ago, which Andromeda stole some of his stars.


Triangulum's future isn't so great. Their are several options, one of them is he will collide with Andromeda and the Milky Way in their collision. Another option is Triangulum will be ripped apart and the remains will be consumed by Andromeda. Or even he could be ejected from the Local Group from this collision all together! Or he could become a satellite of the future Milkdromeda.

NGC 604

Triangulum is home to a H II region known as NGC 604, this region is popular for being the largest H II region of the entire Local Group!

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