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Timeline of Mercury is the simplified chronology of Mercury, here, you will see the major events of Mercury from 4.539 billion years ago, to today and even the future.


Mercury Timeline 1

4.539 Billion Years Ago[]

  • Planetesimals combined into each other, this has given the birth of Mercury.

4.539-3.5 Billion Years Ago[]

  • Oceans of magma where flowing on Mercury's surface.
Mercury Timeline 2

4.2 Billion Years Ago[]

  • Mercury suffered a heavy bombardment, this cause many craters to have been created on his surface.

3.5 Billion Years Ago[]

  • Mercury starts shrinking in size, because of this stopped the flow of lava on his surface.
Mercury Timeline 3

3-1 Billion Years Ago[]

  • Mercury has began to cool down, only shrinking him further.
  • His crust and upper mantle thickened, getting pushed over itself in the process.
Mercury Timeline 4


  • Mercury is now home to tons of ice on its surface, this ice is hidden on Mercury's dark size and his craters that receive little to no sunlight.
  • Mercury is also home to organic matter in these craters, however this matter is not life

3.3 Billion Years From Now[]

  • Jupiter's gravity might throw Mercury out of his own orbit, this can result in several outcomes.
    • He might be thrown into the Sun, ultimately killing him.
    • He might be ejected from the Solar System.
    • He could collide with Venus.
    • He could collide with Earth.
      • However the chance of this is 1-2%.
    • He could collide with Mars.
      • Very unlikely.
Mercury Timeline 5

7.81 Billion Years From Now[]

  • At this point Mercury will be consumed by the Sun as he expands into his Red Giant stage self. Due to this Mercury will ultimately be killed.
  • Mercury is now deceased.