Sirius A is a White Main Sequence star located 8 light years from Sun. He is also the main object of the Sirius System.


Sirius A is a jerk who has a short temper and can get annoyed easily. He used to be a calm and somewhat friendly, but ever since Sirius B died and annoyed him, he has been grumpy and constantly annoyed since. Sirius A isn't really social anymore, he doesn't enjoy being by others and prefers keeping his distance.


Sirius A is about twice the size of Sun, making it the biggest star in the Sun's neighborhood.

Sirius B

Sirius A is in binary orbit with a White Dwarf known as Sirius B, which is about the size of Earth but has a mass more than Sun.


Sirius A wasn't always grumpy, he used to be very classy, and one day he found the love of his life Sirius B and they became a couple, they were a happy couple for a time until Sirius B became a red giant and then a white dwarf, Sirius A at first was devastated then realized Sirius B was still there, but not the same, she used to be calm and collective, and now she suddenly became super hyper and super attracted to Sirius A, eventually annoying him, he eventually got really grumpy about this and realized becoming a couple with her was now a mistake and he can't get rid of him, and now he will always be grumpy until he inevitable becomes a white dwarf as well

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