Pluto is the founder of the Dwarf Planet Club and is the most popular and the most loved dwarf planet.


Pluto was once a proud and happy planet but in 2006 he was demoted into a dwarf planet, he was depressed for a while but now he got over it and now he is the proud founder of Dwarf Planet Club.


Pluto has a story about him and his origins showing his backstory.


Before the destruction of Mercury, and Venus, Pluto would collide with Neptune.


Pluto (even if he is a Dwarf Planet) is also a Binary Planet, he is in binary orbit with his biggest moon Charon, which makes them both a binary planet system even if Pluto is a Dwarf Planet and Charon is a moon.


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bold = Spherical Moon


Charon is the best friend of Pluto, she also tries her best to cheer Pluto up when he is depressed, Charon is also Pluto's binary partner, in which they orbit each other.


The scardy cat of the system, Styx is always afraid of anything, a lot of things scare him.


Nix doesn't care about almost anything, his only friend is Hydra, and Nix is the calm and somewhat mean moon of the system.


The neutral moon, Kerberos is bland, without much personality, although he is concerned about Styx.


Hydra is a concerned moon, doesn't know much, so she questions things a lot, and her only friends are Pluto and Nix.


Arawn is a quasi-moon of Pluto due to Neptune forcing him to become a quasi-moon of Pluto every 2.4 million years, he is currently Pluto's quasi-moon and will remain like that for another 350,000 years. Him and Pluto has learned to bond well and even become friends.

New Horizons

In 2015, New Horizons visited Pluto for the first time that any probe has ever visited him, and took pictures for Earth to see his true look, which the result was unexpected, Pluto wasn't gray or light blue, he was tan, with a heart shape feature, which this was amazing for Earth, and now New Horizons is going to his next target, Ultima Thule.

Conflict with Orcus

Orcus is a object near the size of Pluto and is always on the opposite side of the Sun than Pluto, but Orcus hates Pluto with a burning passion, but Pluto doesn't know why Orcus even hates him because Pluto never did anything wrong to him that he can remember, and asking him doesn't help because whenever he does Orcus always responds with "You know what you did! I don't have to tell you anything that happened because you are fully aware of what happened you life destroyer!" and Pluto is always left confused whenever Orcus tells him that.


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