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Moon is well, a moon, actually no doubt the most popular moon known.


Moon is sometimes very happy but other times is concerned about Earth's safety and tries his best to protect her, but in some cases he hurts himself while trying to protect her, which now he doesn't mind, his main goal is to save his best friend.


Moon most likely wasn't born alone, because one side of Moon is covered in craters, while the other has little to no craters, what happened is Moon was born with a twin, and they collided, and that collision covered one of Moon's sides in craters.


  • The Moon is the best friend of Earth.
  • As all we know, Neil Armstrong went to the moon in 1969 on board in Apollo 11.
  • Is the only moon that has the Earth.
  • There are rumors that his origin comes after the death of Theia.
  • His orbital period is 27 days.
  • It's still unknown why the moon has his dark spots.


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