Ok I am done with being a dare devil, I am not nearly killing myself again.
— Messier 32, Origin Of Messier 32

Messier 32 is a shy galaxy that orbits Andromeda.


Messier 32 used to be a brave spiral galaxy, thinking she could take on anything, not only that, but she was also Milky Way's daredevil sister! That's right, Messier 32 and Milky Way are brother and sister and she was still a very big daredevil, until she collided with one of Andromeda's arms, thinking she won't have any damage but Andromeda changed her into a dwarf elliptical galaxy, and her remains were consumed by Andromeda meaning Messier 32 is a remains of a big spiral galaxy, now she is really fearful of Andromeda, and she is super shy now, she does occasionally hang out with Milky Way, being his sister she is one of the few galaxies that can understand him.

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