Mars is the cool dude of the Solar System in both temperature and personality.


Mars acts like a cool guy but in reality he is friendly, but he is always disappointed in his past self so he uses his cool personality to take his mind off of it.


Mars has a story about him and his origins showing his backstory.


After Sun explodes, Mars will be sucked into him, and will form a ring around the dead star.


Mars has two moons, Phobos and Deimos, both tiny moons and both won't live with Mars forever, Phobos will ether collide with mars in 50 years or be ripped apart into rings around Mars, and Deimos will be to far from Mars to stay in orbit and will float away into empty space, leaving Mars alone, that is unless he manages to capture another moon from the Asteroid Belt.


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Planet Facts

  • Mars' moons were probably captured
  • Many probe missions to Mars ended up as failed missions
  • Mars has seasons but twice as long as Earth's
  • Mars has similar landmass to Earth
  • Mars once had life
  • Mars is home to the largest dust storms in the Solar System
  • Mars is near half the size of Earth in diameter
  • The Sun appears half the size of how it would look on Earth on Mars
  • It takes Mars 687 Earth days to orbit the Sun
  • Mars is the only other planet besides Earth that has polar ice caps
  • The orbit of Mars is the most eccentric of the planets
  • Mars does not have a magnetic field


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