Earth is the third planet in the Solar System, the fifth-biggest planet, and the only planet known to have life on it.


Earth is a kind-hearted planet, she is sweet and kind, the friendliest planet of the Solar System. Her best friend is her moon who is named...well...Moon.


Earth has a story about her and her origins showing her backstory.


In the future Earth will be half consumed by the Sun. Since Earth is technically connected to Sun when it explodes, Earth will be consumed by the explosion.


Earth is also a Binary Planet, but not with another planet, she is in a binary orbit with Moon, which makes them both a binary planet system even if Moon isn't a planet.


Earth is a planet with life (which obviously you know) and she is proud of that, nothing else, no planet, no moon, nothing else is known to have life. Which Earth is proud of but now she greatly fears of asteroids, and her life is now destroying her, so is this really a positive?

Earth's Stuff


Earth is the only planet with only one moon, this moon is also a spherical moon, this is the one and only Moon, who is also Earth's closest friend, and Moon is strange because his composition is near the same as Earth's


Earth has several Quasi-Moons, basically asteroids not orbiting Earth but orbiting Sun in the near same orbit as Earth, these are not a threat to Earth due to there small size, there are 9 Quasi-Moons known, 2004 GU9, 2006 FV35, 2013 LX28, 2014 OL339, 2016 H 03, 2002 AA29, 2003 YN107, 2015 SO2, and 3753 Cruithne. Earth is relatively friends of all of them but Moon doesn't really like them nor trust them with Earth.

Evolution of Appearance

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Relationship With Asteroids

Earth has a troublesome relationship when it comes to asteroids there are very few if not no asteroids she trust as many are big enough to collide with her and possible end everything when it comes to her life, asteroids are her arch-enemy, this really spiked in negativity when the collision ending the dinosaurs happened, when this happened Earth she entered a depression state where she though all hope was lost until the cloudy stage of the collision ended and life started to emerge again, when her life was beginning again after the event, she didn't want to take any chances for another one of these events to happen yet again, which is why she asked Jupiter to help her with this problem so he decided to accept and use his gravity to throw asteroids off course and try his best to save her from collisions.



  • Earth is the only planet with life
  • Earth is the only planet with only one moon
  • Earth has goals to colonize and terraform many objects in the Solar System, her biggest goal is to terraform Mars and give him life again
  • Earth is considered by many the sister of Venus
  • Earth's rotation is slowing down, however, this is happening very slowly
  • Earth has a powerful magnetic field, this is one of the things that is needed for Earth to keep her life
  • Earth is the warmest planet in the Solar System
  • Earth is the densest planet in the Solar System
  • Earth is the 5th biggest planet in the Solar System
  • Earth is the biggest terrestrial planet in the Solar System
  • Earth has several Quasi-Moon's one of the most popular ones is 2016 H 03


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