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The Dwarf Planet Club is a group of five celestial objects that fall into the category "Dwarf Planet" and they made a club of Dwarf Planets and it all started because of Pluto. There goal is to show they are more than just tiny rocks in space and they are probably more cool than planets.

List of Members

There are 5 members of the dwarf planet club, one of them(Ceres) lives in the Asteroid Belt, three of them(Pluto, Haumea, and Makemake) live in the Kuiper Belt, and the last and farthest one(Eris) lives in the Scattered Disc.


Ceres is the scaredy cat, he is constantly scared because he is smaller than the planets, some moons, and some kuiper belt objects, although he is calm in the asteroid belt because he is the biggest asteroid in the asteroid belt.


The once proud planet is now the biggest dwarf and is the founder of the Dwarf Planet Club, although Eris is the leader of the Dwarf Planet Club, speaking of Eris, Eris is Pluto's little sister, even tough Eris is still older than Pluto, Pluto still says Eris is smaller than Pluto, just by a tiny bit, but back to Pluto, Pluto is always sad but Charon tries to cheer Pluto up a lot and Haumea, his best friend is always trying to support Pluto.


Haumea is always bullied being called a fatty, Haumea is the only dwarf to have rings and is oval and is the supporter of Pluto, Haumea also always goes to the Haumea Family Reunion every year.


The "brother" of Sedna, Makemake is the cool dude and 10 years after his discovery he was discovered to have a moon named MK2, also Makemake isn't great friends with Pluto due to the fact he is the soul reason Pluto was demoted.


Eris is the leader of the Dwarf Planet Club, Eris is mean but is the boss, she resides in the Scattered Disc with her moon Dysnomia which is a lot like Eris, Eris is the little sister of Pluto too, and Pluto is almost the only dwarf Eris actually likes.



There are many dwarf planet candidates and all of those are a possible dwarf, the most popular candidates are Sedna, Ixion, Quaoar, and Varuna.

There Moons

Almost all the members of the group have moons, the only one without moons is Ceres, being the smallest member of the Dwarf Planets, one and here is the list of them.

Name Profile Picture Parent Size (km) Gender
Pluto 1,208 Female
Styx Pose.png
Pluto 16 Male
Pluto 50 Male
Pluto 19 Male
Pluto 65 Female
Namaka Pose.png
Haumea 170 Male
Hi'iaka Pose.png
Haumea 310 Female
MK2 Pose.png
Makemake 175 Female
Eris 700 Male

Profile Pictures

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