Ceres is the biggest asteroid in the Asteroid Belt, and is the smallest Dwarf Planet in the Solar System, and he is the only Dwarf Planet in the Asteroid Belt.


Ceres is a friendly dwarf planet who is the biggest of his neighborhood and he is scared of things bigger than him like planets, especially Jupiter.

It is theorized that due to the ice on Ceres's surface, he used to be a water world in the Early Solar System, but then over time froze into what he is now today.

Due to the fact Ceres is the biggest object in the Asteroid Belt and the only spherical object, he is the leader of the Asteroid Belt however this is a negative to Ceres, as he feels he isn't ready to lead anything, let alone the most popular belt of the entire Solar System, because of this he decided not to lead alone and have Vesta lead by his side because she is not only his best friend, but is also the second biggest object in the Asteroid Belt, so they lead together in the Asteroid Belt in there goal to bring peace in it.


Ceres formed similar to planets, planetesimals clumping into one, however he wasn't in the Asteroid Belt, he was born in the Kuiper Belt with the other dwarfs, but billions of year ago when Jupiter was moving into the Inner Solar System, he took a bunch of objects with him, Ceres was one of them being shoved into the Inner Solar System with the others, however he was one of the only survivors as he saw nearly everyone else falling into the Sun or colliding into a planet, when Saturn bough Jupiter back to the Outer Solar System, Jupiter dropped Ceres into the Asteroid Belt, because of the massacre Jupiter caused, Ceres has developed a fear of objects bigger than him in fear they could kill him in the future.


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